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An Open Source Solution for Running PC Labs in Schools and Educational Institutions

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Vlizedlab Extern alias "labx"


In general the virtual machines created for the "vlizedlab" can mostly be used on student computers too, which servers both for homework and for remote teaching. However, when students work on virtual machines that run on their own computers, a solution is needed to simulate "lab teaching", i.e. to support students directly on the screen of their lecture machines.
This is where the "Vlizedlab extern" alias "labx" comes into play: With specially prepared virtual machines and the "labx" server, teachers can observe their students and interact with their work at the virtual lecture machines (which run at the student's computers) via a simple web interface.


We adopted our ideas for running the "vlizedlab remote" alias "lab1" and established another Guacamole server, that servers as a gateway between the students virtual lecture machines and the web browser of the teacher. A small-footprint module is integrated into the virtual lecture machines, that - after some registration - holds the connection to the gateway server during the lecture.


For handling student and teacher permissions, we created a script system to generate accounts for our students and upload the credentials to our Moodle teaching system.

This accounting systems works also for the "vlizedlab remote" alias "lab1", so we can distribute accounts to these labs uniformly.

Usage for students and teachers

See the here.


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See the installation page.

For further info don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck and have fun. Don't hesitate to drop me an mail.