VlizedLab Project

An Open Source Solution for Running PC Labs in Schools and Educational Institutions

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Vlizedlab Remote alias "lab1"


For using your "vlizedlab"-Lab remotely (which might be extremely useful in Corona-times), we created the "vlizedlab remote" alias "lab1". Students and teachers can access the whole lab from anywhere with a simple web interface. Student groups can assigned to the lab at any time. Works also great for online exams.


For switching student screens to the lab room projections, there already is an VNC server integrated into the base installation of the lab computers. We utilized this already existing VNC server and combined it with a Guacamole server running at the labs gateway server. As a result teachers as well students can access their well-known lab from remote with an ordinary web server, having all the features of their lab available.

This solution was also triggered by the requirement, that the existing lab hardware hardware had to be used in remote teaching as far as possible. With the result, we can switch from remote teaching to teaching in presence (in the lab) seamlessly, as the remote teaching actually happens in our lab.


For handling student and teacher permissions, we created a script system to generate accounts for our students and upload the credentials to our Moodle teaching system.

This accounting systems works also for the "vlizedlab external" alias "labX", so we can distribute accounts to these labs uniformly.

While in standard teaching situations each student is assigned to one lab computer, our system is flexible enough to handle group lectures as well, i.e. lectures where a group of students have to deal with tasks involving a group of lab computers.


See the screenshots page.


See the installation page.

For further info don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck and have fun. Don't hesitate to drop me an mail.